Sightseeing Stop – Firehole Canyon

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Driving down to the Canyon
After spending the night in Green River, I had a short drive on tap for Tuesday. Frankly, whether it was a planned shorter drive or not, it was going to end up a shorter drive. I had hit a bit of a wall when it came to spending time in the car! Rather than start out for Salt Lake City first thing though, I took a little detour into the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, which is the area around the Flaming Gorge reservoir.

While the entirely of this area is far, far more than I could hope to see in one brief stop, I had read a bout a specific place the night before that had my photographer’s interest piqued. It’s called Firehole Canyon.

As I found the parking and boat launch area, which was empty this time of day in September, I was greeted by a little guy who probably wasn’t expecting company.

My Little Greeter

I was also greeted by bugs. Very, very large bugs. Interestingly, they didn’t really seem to be biting me, so I soldiered on. More on them later…

The scenery was fantastic though!

Canyon Reflections
Canyon Reflections


Sightseeing Stop – Green River, Wyoming

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Green River Marker

A lovely little town, Green River. While the river that bears it’s name is a very large, long, river, the town itself isn’t very big. But, it has a hotel right off the freeway, which was really the only prerequisite for this trip! I actually arrived in Green River late in the afternoon, and despite the hotel being right off the freeway, promptly missed the turn to it and wound up in the center of town. This, turned out to be fortuitous as it allowed me to quickly find the river and an area to park and enjoy the walking paths along the river.

Looks Blue Here!

Foot Bridge


Of course, this being Wyoming, there were also some lovely buttes in the area overlooking the river valley, and I did get some shots of those as well before heading off to find my hotel and some dinner!

Overlooking the Town


The Italian Gardens of Biltmore

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The image above was captured using my iPhone 5s, with the panoramic feature of the built in camera. It is of one of my favorite areas of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, the Italian Gardens. Sure, the house is lovely, and I could spend hours walking among the flowers of the other gardens and the conservatory, but it’s the Italian Gardens where I usually find myself fascinated by the water, the reflections the colors, the angles of the walls, the house in the background etc.

Flower in the Italian Gardens

Goldfish Swimming Amongst the Flowers

Italian Garden in Winter

It’s also the kind of place where you just never know what you’re going to see as you walk around the ponds. 😉

Good client

Puddle in Leaf

So if you do make the trip, by all means tour the house, it’s amazing. But don’t forget about the various gardens and everything else the property has to offer for any photographers as well!

SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival 2014

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SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

It just so happened that we were in Savannah back at the end of April on the same day that SCAD was having their annual sidewalk arts festival in Forsyth Park.

Naturally, we had to wander around and check out some of the chalk art. Personally, I was really impressed at the amount of time and detail put into some of the drawings.
SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

Obviously, this is hard, and dirty work.

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

Some of the art work was pretty serious stuff…

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

While others went with lighter fare as their subject material.

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

Still it was a lot of fun checking out all of the art work, and a bit sad to know that the first good rain would wipe it all away. Then again, with everyone taking photos of the art work, is it really gone forever? 😉

That is something to ponder, maybe while looking into the hypnotic cat’s eyes….

SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival Chalk Art

Sunny Day at Okefenokee

Sunny Sunday Morning Boat Ride

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After seeing the Okefenokee swamp on a dreary, rainy day, going back on Sunday in the bright sunshine was actually quite different. Oh there’s still the same wildlife, but everything just seems a little less foreboding, and having other folks out canoeing and enjoying the refuge area changes the atmosphere tremendously.

Sunning in the same place we saw him yesterday.

Heading down the Canal

We chose to take the 90 minute guided tour as opposed to rowing ourselves around, from Okefenokee Adventures. They have all kinds of ways for you to explore the swamp, from renting canoes or kayaks to multiple day tours on the swamp! Our guide’s family had lived in the area for 7 generations and he knew all about the wildlife and the plant life, which would take an entire lifetime to become aware of, honestly, there are so many different species of animal and plants in the swamp!

Naturally, we came across a few gators during the trip.


What I love about that photo is that you can see just how black the water is. Look at the gators body, at the point where it goes from being out of the water, to under the water. You can’t see a thing! This is why they say for every gator or snake you see, there are 10 you don’t. You cannot see anything that is under the water here.

Of course, the hawks are really just as impressive when you get to really watch them do their thing out here too.

Flying Over the Canoes

Red Sholdered Hawk aGainst the Bright Sky

All in all, the tour was fun, educational and a great way to wrap up our time in Okefenokee before heading home!

Swamp Trees in early Spring

Going Down the Suawnee Canal


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Our final day was again spent docked in Marseille, but this was the day we had already planned to take an excursion out to Cassis for the morning. Cassis is a seaside town, which made it fairly quiet this time of year, but again, the weather provided us with some noise as there were a few rain showers and plenty of waves rolling into the shoreline.

Splash Zone!

After we returned from this trip, someone asked me what the one thing I most enjoyed about the trip was. My honest answer was being in the Colosseum and the Forum in Rome, because of the historical significance of those sites. No question those were two things that I had always wanted to go and see for myself, and was thrilled to have had time to spend walking around them and soaking that up. However, if they had asked me what I enjoyed photographing the most, hands down it was Cassis. Continued


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What to say about Rome? Before this trip, I had never been there. Opinions on visiting Rome vary greatly, from “too crowded”, to “amazing”. The one thing everyone agreed on, though, was that you have to see it for yourself. As someone who has always been interested in history, of course I was excited to see it and to wander around some of the oldest structures that I have ever seen in person.
Outside the Colisseum Continued

Erice Sicily

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After a day of sailing, which included a very relaxing day of checking out the ship, eating way too much, and attending high tea, our next port of call was in Sicily. We pulled into Trapani on Thursday morning to a party cloudy day. Our morning was filled with a scheduled excursion out beyond Trapani though, to the mountain town of Erice. Erice fascinated me because of both it’s mountain views and the way in which this little town has seemingly been preserved for centuries, all the while still functioning as a home to locals.

I knew Erice would satisfy my desire to see the old ways of life in Sicily, but I wasn’t so sure about how it would be for photography. Turns out, I needn’t have worried. There was plenty to see up there.

Looking down from Mt. Erice to Trapani