Best of 2019

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With the New Year, I like to share my favorite photos from the previous year in a slideshow. As always, not necessarily the best ones, but the ones I enjoy the most. I hope you do as well. Share13Tweet4Pin1Buffer422 Shares

Best of 2017

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An annual tradition, including some photos that haven’t been blogged yet. As always, looking back on my photos from the year is a good reminder of how the year has brought about many changes, starting out with a lot of … Read More

Best of 2015

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Looking over my Flickr uploads for the year, I can see that I definitely traveled a lot, and took more pictures this year than usual. The two might be related. đŸ˜‰ If you can’t see the slideshow, you can always … Read More

Best of 2014

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An annual tradition, going through the photos on Flickr taken this year and putting them together in a “Best of” slideshow. If you’re unable to view the slideshow, feel free to head over to Flickr and see the album! Share11TweetPinBuffer213 … Read More

Best of 2013

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It’s been an annual tradition for the last few years on my website to put together my favorite photos of 2013. This year, since I now have a blog specifically devoted to photography, it only seems appropriate to bring that … Read More

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