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Best of 2020

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I do this every year for New Year’s Day, put together an album on Flickr of the photos that I think make up the year and share them here. Some of these haven’t even made it to the Photo a Day section of the blog yet, but they will, in due time.

Normally, this exercise is a reminder of all the places we’ve been, and the adventures we’ve had over the year, and it’s nice to reminisce about the year past. This year, looking through my photos for 2020, while it did still contains some adventures, and some beauty, it was also a reminder of how different this year has truly been. Every single photo I took this year shares one thing in common; Louisiana.

Yeah, we didn’t even leave the state this year. Not once. If you look back at previous years, I think you can clearly see how odd this is for me, and yet, it was what we needed to do. It was the right thing to do, and we survived it. We even managed to spend more time photographing flowers, birds, and landscapes right around us, and finding appreciation in those, in much the same way that we have found a growing appreciation for the people who’ve managed to stay in touch, and care about us, during these last couple of difficult years. So, we head into 2021 hopeful that we’ll be able to get out of the state again, mindful of all of those who’ve suffered so much this year, and grateful for what we do have. In the meantime, I think the Best of 2020 serves as a nice little love letter to our current home state, and I hope you enjoy it.

I hope it even inspires you to come visit, when it’s safe to do so again.


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