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Photography of D-Day

D-Day Memorial
taken at the D-Day Memorial in Virginia

In honor of the D-Day anniversary later this week, I wanted to pass along a couple of interesting finds I saw this week about the Photography that we often associate with the invasion and the days after.

First, is the story behind Robert Capa’s amazing photos of the invasion on Omaha Beach, and how we almost never got to see any of them.

Secondly, Peter Macdiarmid has some great “then and now” photos, of the D-Day invasion and the weeks that followed in France. It’s really cool to be able to look at the same location all this time later and compare it to what it looked like in the photos taken in 1944.

Check them out!

Tips for Interesting Travel Photos and Understanding Histograms

Piazza del Campo

Just sharing a couple of interesting posts from elsewhere that resonated with me when I read them.

First up, 4 tips for More Interesting Travel Photos.

Then, some important information about Histograms, an area some us tend to kind of forget about, but can be very helpful!

Go check them out and learn a thing or two!

Flickr Adds An Embed Feature

I saw late last night that Flickr had added an embed feature for sharing photos on the web. Let’s see how this works, shall we?

While I’m experimenting, I’ve also switched to the new Twenty-Fourteen theme from WordPress. I think I like it for the Photo blog, but maybe not for all of my blogs. What do you think?

Instagram turns itself into a photo messaging app | Ars Technica

Instagram turns itself into a photo messaging app | Ars Technica

This is a pretty natural progression for Instagram, but it also replicates something that could be done with Facebook or Flickr if you use groups and selective sharing. I guess it depends on where the connections you want to share with are socializing.

The Wife’s Vacation Photos

She’s sharing her own photos and insights from our recent vacation over on her own blog. You can tell from her description of Valencia which one of us is more familiar with the travel industry. šŸ˜‰

You can check out all of her posts as she gets them updated in the Treasures of the Ancients category, that was Oceania’s name for the cruise.