Laurel Valley Sugar Mill and Plantation Site

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Located in Thibodaux, LA the historic site is mostly the remnants of the old plantation. Right along the road, you can view the long-abandoned slave cabins, that later become homesteader cabins, during the time that this was the largest sugar producer in Lafourche Parish. As it is, the roadside is a reminder of a different time, and a source of some really interesting examples of capturing abandoned history as you take a drive in the country.

You can learn more about the history here.

Rusty Roof


Abandoned Slave Cabin

Cabins B/W

Laurel Valley Plantation

Laurel Valley Cabin Road



Old Slave Cabins in Thibadeaux

Chauvin Sculpture Garden – The Art of Kenny Hill

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Lighthouse Sculpture It’s clear from just viewing the garden that the artist was definitely dealing with some pretty severe struggles. But, given the history, it seems to fit the bill:


Hill first settled in Chauvin in 1988, living in a tent until he built a small cabin. Two years later, he began a self-proclaimed “story of salvation” for his neighbors. According to the garden’s official website, Hill did not wish to share his art with others. He refused media access to the garden.


In January 2000, Hill was evicted by the parish for not keeping the grass cut on his property. He knocked the head off the statue of Jesus Christ and left on foot. The site was later donated to Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La.

Still, it’s definitely an interesting detour among the small towns of Louisiana.

Louisiana Musical Tribute
Artist Needing Salvation

Petting a sloth

Barn Hill Preserve – Louisiana

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Back in March we made the drive up to Ethel, Louisiana to visit Barn Hill Preserve. It’s not like other zoos, in that you really have to reserve your visit, and take a guided tour, as opposed to walking around on your own. Mostly, that’s because you’re going to be interacting with some of the animals.

Barn Hill is a free-flying Macaw rescue. so the first thing you’ll notice is that there will be colorful macaws at random spots, and they may even follow you around.

Posed Perfectly

Blue and Yellow Macaw

But, that’s not all. They’ll also spend quite a bit of time showing you all of the animals at the preserve, interacting with some of them, and of course, letting you hang out with the sloths like the photo above.

Of course, like anything involving animals, what experiences you get to have on any given day may vary on the animals moods. The guide won’t take any risks with angry or unruly animals hurting a guest. Still, it was an experience we will not soon forget.

Here’s a sample. There will be more photos in the coming weeks on the blog.



Tortoise in the Grass

Annual Look Back at My Photos – Best of 2018

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As we enter 2019, like I do every new year, I make it a point to go back to the previous year and pick out an album’s worth of my favorite photos that I took during the year. As always, the album tends to be a small reflection on the year that was, and 2018 was clearly a year of less travel, but plenty of local exploration of Louisiana and some surrounding states.

Avery Island – Bird City

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In addition to being the home of Tabasco, Avery Island, LA is also an egret sanctuary. Each Spring a colony of snowy egrets nests in a part of the island specifically designed for them. There, during this time of the year, you can see the egret babies and their mothers feeding and learning to fly on their own before the next migration.

The Garden tour, a self-driving tour around the gardens of Aviary Island offers you the chance to park and take a short walk to an observation platform where you have a great view on the wetlands that these snowy egrets will call home.

Bird City - Avery Island



Mama and Baby Egrets

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