Petting a sloth

Barn Hill Preserve – Louisiana

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Back in March we made the drive up to Ethel, Louisiana to visit Barn Hill Preserve. It’s not like other zoos, in that you really have to reserve your visit, and take a guided tour, as opposed to walking around on your own. Mostly, that’s because you’re going to be interacting with some of the animals.

Barn Hill is a free-flying Macaw rescue. so the first thing you’ll notice is that there will be colorful macaws at random spots, and they may even follow you around.

Posed Perfectly

Blue and Yellow Macaw

But, that’s not all. They’ll also spend quite a bit of time showing you all of the animals at the preserve, interacting with some of them, and of course, letting you hang out with the sloths like the photo above.

Of course, like anything involving animals, what experiences you get to have on any given day may vary on the animals moods. The guide won’t take any risks with angry or unruly animals hurting a guest. Still, it was an experience we will not soon forget.

Here’s a sample. There will be more photos in the coming weeks on the blog.



Tortoise in the Grass