Sightseeing Stop – Firehole Canyon

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Driving down to the CanyonPin
After spending the night in Green River, I had a short drive on tap for Tuesday. Frankly, whether it was a planned shorter drive or not, it was going to end up a shorter drive. I had hit a bit of a wall when it came to spending time in the car! Rather than start out for Salt Lake City first thing though, I took a little detour into the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, which is the area around the Flaming Gorge reservoir.

While the entirely of this area is far, far more than I could hope to see in one brief stop, I had read a bout a specific place the night before that had my photographer’s interest piqued. It’s called Firehole Canyon.

As I found the parking and boat launch area, which was empty this time of day in September, I was greeted by a little guy who probably wasn’t expecting company.

My Little GreeterPin

I was also greeted by bugs. Very, very large bugs. Interestingly, they didn’t really seem to be biting me, so I soldiered on. More on them later…

The scenery was fantastic though!

Canyon ReflectionsPin
Canyon ReflectionsPin

Canyon ReflectionsPin
Canyon ReflectionsPin

So, after my short jaunt out to get some photos, I returned to my car. It was absolutely covered in mosquitoes. Apparently they weren’t so much interested in biting me, but hitching a ride back out of the canyon! I unlocked the car, hopped in and shut the door as soon as I could. A couple still got in. I started driving away, in hopes the ones on the windows would fly away and I could open them so the stragglers could leave. But there was one guy who held on. He was a mosquito, approximately the size of a quarter. (Yes, BIG!!!) He was just on the drivers side window, about at eye level.

Let me pause here and ask a question. Have you ever been driving, on a curvy country road, and caught sight of something on the side window, only you couldn’t quite tell if it was inside the window or outside, and since you’re trying to watch where you’re going, it’s hard to really focus on it to make that determination? Yeah, that was me with this mosquito. For 10 solid minutes! Eventually I did manage to pull over at a stop sign and get him off the window, then proceeded to drive with the windows down and lose the ones that had gotten in as well, all without getting a single bite, which, if you know me and my history of mosquito bites, is quite miraculous!

Regardless, I love the photos I got from this stop!

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