#TBT 2012 – Connemara Farm Goat

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While Carl Sandburg was busy with his writing, his wife, Lillian, was the one who decided to move to NC, as a better place for her goat herd. She was quite renowned as a herder in her own right. When asked the secret to their 59 year marriage, she claimed it was that Carl let her do what she wanted, and she let him do what he wanted, and they always supported each other in that.

Saving the Best for Last – Biltmore

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On this, my last day in South Carolina, I wanted to post about the one place where we have probably spent the most time wandering around, photographing and just generally enjoying in this part of the country. The Biltmore house and gardens was, of course, built by the Vanderbilt family.  There is simply so much to see here, and such lovely grounds to walk through for exercise, that we made the trip up to Asheville on a pretty regular basis.

I’m glad we have so many pictures to remind us of how lovely this place is, and I look forward to finding some new favorite places out in Oregon.

Talk to you again from the road!

Bass Pond 4

Good client

Rain drops on red flower


Peaceful place to sit

Biltmore Estate

Diminishing Snow Cover

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