Saving the Best for Last – Biltmore

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On this, my last day in South Carolina, I wanted to post about the one place where we have probably spent the most time wandering around, photographing and just generally enjoying in this part of the country. The Biltmore house and gardens was, of course, built by the Vanderbilt family.  There is simply so much to see here, and such lovely grounds to walk through for exercise, that we made the trip up to Asheville on a pretty regular basis.

I’m glad we have so many pictures to remind us of how lovely this place is, and I look forward to finding some new favorite places out in Oregon.

Talk to you again from the road!

Bass Pond 4

Good client

Rain drops on red flower


Peaceful place to sit

Biltmore Estate

Diminishing Snow Cover

Sourwood Inn Asheville

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Cooling Off
Almost 13 years ago, my wife and I went down to Tennessee to get married, and decided to drive up into the mountains for our honeymoon. We discovered the Sourwood Inn at that time, and loved the peaceful, scenic area up in the mountains.

Lo and behold, in 2011, when I made the move to my new job in Greenville, we wound up just over an hour away from our honeymoon spot. Naturally, we made it a point to spend another weekend up there and spend some more quiet time in the mountains that first Summer.

Green Path

So while technically this is not in South Carolina, the Upstate area really has given us plenty of great spots just over the border that we have enjoyed!

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