Photos From the Civil War Game 2014

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Unfortunately for Oregon State fans, this years version of the Civil War rivalry game against the Oregon Ducks turned out to be more of a massacre than a real battle. The Ducks were just too much for a struggling Beaver team, who ended the season 5-7. Still, my wife was kind enough to get me a ticket for my early Christmas present, and that provided me the opportunity to experience the rivalry first-hand, starting with the tailgating.

Blow up Benny and a Grill, All Set!

Ducks fan

And catching the band during the Beaver Walk

Closeup Snares

The bacn is set for the Beaver Walk

And then, once in the stadium, sitting just three rows back from the Ducks bench. A great place to watch pregame warmups, and get an inside view of the happenings on the sideline.

Oregon State RB Storm Woods



Ducks O-Line gets Some Instruction

Marcus Mariota on the sideline

Unfortunately, when the team you’re rooting for gets down by 30, being on the opposing sideline is not exactly fun. These teams don’t like each other much, the fans don’t like each other much, and the frustration level of Beaver fans was pretty high as the game wore on. Better luck next year Beavs!

You can see all the pics I posted over on Flickr.