Detroit Lake

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Detroit Lake is a reservoir behind the Detroit Dam near Salem, OR. During the Winter months, the lake is drawn down, purposefully, to make room for Spring rain and runoff from the Cascade mountain snow pack. Since we were there in March, the levels were still really low, which allowed us to get a good glimpse of a unique landscape.

Landscape of Detroit LakePin

We were even able to see where the cabins that used to sit river-side before the dam was built would have stood, because the foundations were not underwater in these conditions.

Low Reservoir LevelsPin

Of course, the fact that it was a rainy day, with plenty of fog rolling out of the surrounding mountains added to the effect.

Detroit Lake FogPin

I’m looking forward to a return trip in the Summer to see how different it all looks when the water level is higher, although with the mild Winter and lack of snow up in the Cascades this season, I’m not sure just how much higher it’ll be! Here’s hoping there’s enough rain to get it back close to normal!

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