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Our final day was again spent docked in Marseille, but this was the day we had already planned to take an excursion out to Cassis for the morning. Cassis is a seaside town, which made it fairly quiet this time of year, but again, the weather provided us with some noise as there were a few rain showers and plenty of waves rolling into the shoreline.

Splash Zone!Pin

After we returned from this trip, someone asked me what the one thing I most enjoyed about the trip was. My honest answer was being in the Colosseum and the Forum in Rome, because of the historical significance of those sites. No question those were two things that I had always wanted to go and see for myself, and was thrilled to have had time to spend walking around them and soaking that up. However, if they had asked me what I enjoyed photographing the most, hands down it was Cassis.

Cassis is everything I’ve always imagined about photographing in the Mediterranean. The blue sea, the rocky cliffs, the waves crashing against the rocks, a lighthouse, the mountain backdrops, the fishing boats in the harbor, and the colorful architecture. It had it all.


Cassis StreetPin

Castle up on the hillsidePin

Overlooking CassisPin

From the moment we bussed up to the mountains overlooking the town before going down into the town itself, until the moment we left to board the bus back to the port in Marseille, I don’t believe my finger ever came off the shutter button for more than a minute or two, and mostly that was just to figure out how to get in a good position to grab a shot, even if it meant getting right down onto the rocks themselves.

Sometimes You Gotta Get Down in the SurfPin

Yeah, I even managed to avoid getting wet in that one. Looking at it now, I’m not sure how… lol

After Cassis, we had some time to ourselves before the ship set sail to Barcelona, but rather than going back out into the rainy afternoon, we decided to go enjoy high tea one last time instead. It was quite lovely.

Back at the ship in time for teaPin

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