Palma de Majorca

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After spending the morning exploring Valldemossa, I had a couple of hours left to wander around Palma before it was time to board the ship. Our tour bus driver was kind enough to make a stop right at the Cathedral before heading back to the ship, and since the Cathedral was the one thing I most wanted to see, I took advantage of that!

La Seu Cathedral from a distance

The construction was started in 1229, and completed, finally, in 1601. There was a restoration project started in the 20th century, which even contracted with the famed architect Antoni Guadi, however after many differences of opinion, Gaudi left the project. He did, though, leave behind a large model of what he envisioned over the altar, and according to one source, simply refused to take it down, so it’s still there.

The Main Altar of La Seu

The cathedral is beautiful, and full of some amazing pieces of art work.

Inside of the Cathedral


After the tour of the cathedral, I had a chance to walk the streets of the old city, which is also quite lovely, with quite a lot of interesting buildings and plazas, and of course, a lovely harbor.

Streets in Palma

Passageway under the Palace

Harbor with the mountains

You can check out all the photos from Palma over on Flickr.

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