Trapani Sicily

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After our morning excursion up to the town of Erice, we had a free afternoon to wander around Trapani before boarding the ship. Trapani, being a port city that juts out into the Mediterranean, with cathedrals and  pedestrian plazas, left us with plenty of things to wander around and see.

Looking down from Mt. Erice to TrapaniPin

Colombaia CastlePin

Unfortunately, this also dropped us into the town right about time for siesta. So we had to satisfy ourselves with wandering around the city itself, and not inside any of the cathedrals.

San LorenzoPin

Corso Vittorio EmanuelePin

Eventually, we made our way around to the other coast of Trapani, away from the cruise ship port, and then through the Villa Margherita, a lovely park space in the middle of the old town of Trapani.

The Blue WatersPin

Villa MargheritaPin

Finally, it was time to head back to the ship, but with enough time to capture some shots around the port, winding up back on the ship in time to capture a fantastic sunset!

Trapani from the PortPin

Sunset Over the Port of TrapaniPin

Truly, I enjoyed Trapani. It’s not usually a huge destination for cruise ships. I think you’d be hard pressed to find it on most itineraries. It only wound up on this one when a change was made to not go to Algiers, but I am very glad we got to stop there and to explore both Erice and Trapani itself. You can see more of my photos from Trapani over at Flickr.

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