Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras in Eunice, Louisiana

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All the costumes, colors, and chickens.

The Acadian (Cajun) tradition follows the medieval French Mardi Gras tradition of going farmhouse to farmhouse dressed in full costume so that you wouldn’t be recognized for whatever debauchery you got yourself into the day before Lent. Upon arrival the courirs would beg for food to use as the ingredients for a community meal held later that evening. (Gumbo in Louisiana, obviously.) This involves not just crawling prostrate but also dancing and singing for your charity. Mostly while also imbibing a lot. It also involves the Capitanne making the runners chase the chicken received from the farmhouse.

I put a couple of videos up on my Facebook profile, if you want to see the full effect, but I also wanted to share some photos that show how the traditional Mardi Gras celebrated in this part of Louisiana is quite different than what you’d experience in New Orleans, but still quite fun! (Click on the photo for a larger version)

The Capitanne Leads the Mardi GrasPin Releasing the Chicken!Pin

He's got a Prize!Pin Mardi Gras Saddle Essentials. Color and EmptiesPin

These Two are PlottingPin Sometimes You Need to Stand on Your Horse to See What's HappeningPin

That's a Big Beer HandPin Riders in CostumePin

This would make a good LSU game day outfit tooPin Chicken Gumbo tonight!Pin

Revelers as far as the Eye Can SeePin Now that's a Party BusPin

Can You Drive a Tractor With that Mask?Pin The Parade Rolls On AgainPin

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    Love looking at your pictures. Hope all is going well with you.

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