Cougar Dam and Reservoir

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I’m going to assume it is not named after a middle-aged woman seeking younger men, but given it’s location in the Cascade Mountains east of Eugene, OR, it’s after the actual cougar. Alas, I didn’t see any cougars, but I enjoyed the views of the reservoir on a couple of occasions over the Summer.

Blue Water At CougarPin

As it turns out, I was there in different lighting conditions as well, once on a very cloudy day, the other less so.

Cougar ReservoirPin

Cougar Reservoir SceneryPin

Now, as it turns out, while the view is great, this overlook is really just a short stop on the way to many other cool sites in the Cascades. From here on one trip I continued through the park to the Mackenzie River, below, and on another, the wife and I continued down to Klamath Falls and Crater Lake. Those photos are yet to come, proving that the Coast is not the only beautiful part of Oregon!

McKenzie RiverPin

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