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Unfortunately, my first adventure to Australia was work related. So, I only got a fraction of the time to explore Sydney that I would like, and no time to explore outside of Sydney. That being said, the time I did spend in the city was awesome, and I definitely came away with a multitude of ideas on what to see the next time, whether it be for work, or vacation!

Most importantly, I got to see the Amphitheater and the Harbour Bridge!

The Sydney Amphitheater

The Iconic Harbor Bridge

The morning I arrived in Sydney after the 15 hour flight from LAX, was a holiday Monday, and a lovely June morning. Yes, it was almost winter in Australia, but Sydney is a very temperate climate year round, and there was no fear of it being too chilly, though it was quite windy as I walked around the harbor, no doubt!

Then again, the sailing seemed nice!
Sailboat in the HarborNext time, I definitely want to actually go up in the Sydney Tower Sydney Tower

And check out the Maritime Museum so I can tour the AMAS Vampire and Onslow.HMAS Vampire and Onslow at the MAritime Museum

More photos from Sydney will be coming, mixed in with all the other photos I’m catching up on!

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