Twelve Apostles Sunset Photos

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Living in Oregon, and just an hour from the coast, I have learned a few things about photography and the weather. No matter what the weather may look like mid-afternoon, there is no guarantee of a great sunset at the coast. Fog, the marine layer, can float in at any time, taking what seemed like it could be a great sunset, into a foggy, gray, landscape.

Now, the coast of Australia along the Great Ocean Road is very similar to the Oregon Coast, as you may have noticed from some of the photos I’ve shared already. Add in the fact that I had one free day during my trip there a few months ago to take the bus trip down to the Twelve Apostles for the sunset, and I knew going in, I would just have to deal with whatever the weather brought me.

Luckily, the weather and the sunset that evening were fantastic.

Getting Ready for Sunset

Twelve Apostles Rocks

Twelve Apostles

Last Rays

Sunset on the Coast

Sunset at 12 Apostles

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