The Swan Whisperer?

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The Swan Whisperer?

As I walked around Zurich, I came upon these swans who felt totally safe waddling right up to the fence line. My assumption is that they were used to being fed by people along the fence, but there were these two young girls who almost appeared to be having a conversation with them.

Zurich and Christmas Markets

I was lucky enough to be in Zurich for work in early December, just in time to see the Christmas markets, enjoy some Swiss/German traditions like Gluhwein, and wander around the old town on a Saturday afternoon before flying home. The extra time made the long trip quite nice. I hope to be back some time with enough time to venture out into the Alps, but that will have to wait!

Clock Tower

Snowman Lights

Christmas Market Carousel

Tree Decorated for Christmas

More from Zurich to come!

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