Tower of London

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Finally, a work trip where my wife was able to join me! It’s actually a nice change of pace, because having her there as a tourist encourages me to take an extra day on the weekend to spend seeing the sites as opposed to trying to get home and see her on the weekend. For this trip to the UK we spent the extra day in London, and made a point to tour the Tower of London, because while we both love taking photos, we have an equal appreciation for history, and the Tower has plenty of that!

Inside the Tower of London

Looking out of one of the Towers into the courtyard, the Crown Jewels are actually in the building on the left. Unfortunately, there is no photography allowed inside of that building, but it’s absolutely worth a visit anyway!

As for the rest of the Tower, there are some great photo opportunities both inside, and looking outside of the Tower structures.

None Shall Pass

Window on the Tower Bridge

Of course, there are also the traditional views of the guards and the Tower’s ever-present ravens, who pretty much have the run of the place.

Changing the Guard of the Crown Jewels Building

Tower of London Raven

I’ll have a few more photos from the Tower, and from the time in London mixed in with the daily(ish) posts on the blog, so look forward to those as well!