Polynesian Cultural Center

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While we were in Hawaii earlier this year, we did take a tour of the Island, ending at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Center is run by a branch campus of BYU, so these are all students teaching the culture and history of these cultures. These photos were all taken during the “parade” on boats through the center of the park.

It’s an interesting place, though obviously with the ties to BYU there is no alcohol during the luau dinner, so it might not be what you’re looking for in Hawaii, but I enjoyed the educational aspects as well as the great examples of cultural dance.

The Maori of New Zealand

The Maori of New ZealandPin


Fiji Warriors

Fiji WarriorsPin

Hawaiian Hulu

Hawaiian HuluPin



Tahitian Female Dancers Tell Stories With Their Hips

Tahitian Female Dancers Tell Stories With Their HipsPin

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