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On a recent trip to London for work, I found myself with an opportunity to explore some of the sights of London. Because of the nature of this trip, and the work commitments I had, there wasn’t a ton of opportunity to arrange anything ahead of time, I had to simply take advantage of whatever gaps of time I could grab up.

As it turns out, I was staying very near the British Museum, and was keen to explore some of it. Since it is free, and near by, as I found myself with a few hours, I could just pop over, and I did.

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Now, regardless of how you feel about how the museum went about collecting history from all over the globe, (or stealing it if you prefer), there is no doubt that this is a great place to immerse yourself in an absolutely orgy of historical artifacts. In fact, even after two trips and hour spent there, I haven’t seen everything!

One of the nice things about this museum, however, is that with a few exceptions, photography is encouraged. So I managed to get quite a few shots of cool historical artifacts from all over the world.
Corbridge Hoard and Jug of gold coinsPin
Ancient CrucifixPin
I will, over the next series of posts, be sharing some of those shots with you, as well as some of the background. I hope you enjoy them!

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