Fremont Street

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One of the advantages of what I do for a living is the opportunity to travel and see different areas of the country. This week I’ve been in Vegas, and while my job requires that I don’t spend too much time partying, I can at least get out in the evening and see a little bit of the area.



Luckily, we live in an era when smartphone cameras have improved enough to capture some nice images. When in working, I’m carrying enough technology for 3 normal people, so lugging the DSLR along for the ride isn’t always so easy. Oh there are still some trips when I really want it, but for most I just don’t have the inclination to pack it.

So far my experience with the camera in the iPhone 5s has been awesome. Even if the lights of Vegas at night, the images are pretty cool.



It’s always fun to share the fun stuff with my friends, and the iPhone camera makes that easy without skimping on the quality.

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