Frozen Expedition

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I was thinking the other day as I drove past the frozen Scioto River downtown that I should go out and get some photos of it before it got warm enough to not be frozen. It has been more than a week without temps getting much above 20F and today was no exception, but we braved the elements and headed down to North Bank Park to get some photos. Unfortunately, we could only stand to be out taking pics for 15 minutes!

However, I did get a handful of decent shots, and with the dominance of white in all the photos I even got to practice some color enhancement, a new filtered B&W script, and some other tricks using GimpShop! I think they turned out pretty well.

Bridge B&W

Icy River

You can see all of them over on Flickr.

Snow Day

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Victory Bell

OK, so it’s really not enough to have been a day off work, but since it’s Sunday, just a few inches was enough to convince us to stay home. Well, aside from a little trip around the neighborhood to get some photos.

Picnic anyone?

Strangely enough, we brought a camera to the Ohio State basketball game last night because I had complained about the fact that I really hadn’t been shooting any photos at all since the first of the year.

Game Action

I thought that would be my only chance this week, but the weather provided me with another today, which was nice. Now it can go ahead and melt. Thanks!

More photos available on our Flickr accounts, mine and Angela’s.


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Camera Tech

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A couple of photos from Water Fire on the Mile this weekend. One taken with a slow-shutter speed as you would usually see recommended for night time photos. It gives a nice shot, allows for a lot of light to enter the photo, get the lights reflecting off the river, etc.

downtown at night

The other, in order to get a tight detail on the fires, was taken at a 1/500 shutter speed, which required a whole lot of waiting for the exact moment the auto-focus on the Dimage was in perfect focus and getting the picture. The quick shutter speed catches the fire great, and leaves you with a completely black background, because of the lack of light that got into the shutter.


Click on thumbnails for larger versions.

Two different ways to take pictures and two good, but diverse, results.

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