Migrating American White Pelicans

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Apparently, the lakes on the LSU campus are a popular place for migrating pelicans. It’s a yearly tradition for them to spend some time in Baton Rouge, and are a popular sight for photographers as well.

The day we set out to go see them, it was fairly windy and chilly, so while we saw packs of them flying overhead, our trip around the larger lake did not result in spotting the main group. I reasoned that the water might be a bit choppy for them out there, and they may be holed up in some more peaceful area.

Flying in FormationPin

Turns out, we should have just looked for the stopped cars.

The Pelicans Draw a CrowdPin

Yes, over on one of the smaller, and more peaceful, lakes. There they were!

Hanging AroundPin


More PelicansPin

I’ll have more from this trip around the lakes, of the pelicans as well as a number of other waterfowl who call the lakes home.

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