Some Things Can’t be Avoided

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The weekend before Christmas, the wife and I headed out to spend the weekend in Helen, Georgia. Helen is fairly well known for it’s Alpine Christmas decorations, which seemed like a fun thing to see, and is very close to Unicoi State Park and the Chattahoochee National Park.


Sounds like a great place to get out the camera gear and see what we can capture, right?

Except, nature had other ideas. It rained, a lot! We spent some time hitting the shops and a winery waiting for the rain to quit. After we stopped for lunch it looked like we were getting a pretty decent break in the rain, so we headed to Unicoi, looking for the lake, but it sure was foggy up in the mountains. So foggy, in fact, that we drove over the lake without seeing it. Eventually we did figure out where we missed it and headed back, and sure enough, the rain started up again. As a photographer, this was less than ideal, but hey we were already there, so might as well see what kinds of shots we can get.

Turns out that sometimes, even when conditions aren’t ideal, you can catch some interesting shots.


Trees in the FogPin

Still, I’m looking forward to getting back out to those parks when we have some decent weather and sunlight!

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