Flickr Adds An Embed Feature

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I saw late last night that Flickr had added an embed feature for sharing photos on the web. Let’s see how this works, shall we?

While I’m experimenting, I’ve also switched to the new Twenty-Fourteen theme from WordPress. I think I like it for the Photo blog, but maybe not for all of my blogs. What do you think?

  1. MikeMcBride
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    Ok, so there are a couple of things Flickr needs to work out. One, I know many photographers are going to hate having the Flickr watermark on there. So I don’t see them using embeds. Two, you have to choose a larger image size in order for the username/title watermark to show up. (That seems backwards, if it’s not large enough I’d rather have my username and the title on it than Flickr’s logo!) Thirdly, the post linked above shows a photo with the Flickr data, and Flickr’s navigation arrows that would allow users to actually browse the photostream from this site. I assume they are using something other than the standard embed here. In fact, looking at the source code of that site, it’s pretty clear that they are, which makes the post on their blog slightly misleading.

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