Waterfalls Along The Columbia River Scenic Byway

Took a drive just to the east of Portland yesterday to catch some of the great scenery in the Columbia River Gorge. Each of these waterfalls are actually viewable from the road, and a short walk gets you up close and personal.

I decided to try and get some iPhone video as well as photos, just for the fun of it!


Latourell Falls

Multanomah Falls

Horsetail Falls

Morning Drive with Frost

Morning Drive with Frost

Since I was off from work on President’s Day, I decided that would be a good day to get up early and go explore some of the areas around Corvallis. This was taken from just off Oregon Route 34 near Alsea, Oregon. As were these:

Low Hanging Fog

One of the Few Boats Not Out Fishing on a Holiday Morning

Yes, on a day in which many other folks were off from work, this is one of the only boats I saw that didn’t have people going fishing in it!

Early Morning on the Alsea River

We Got Moss

I travel quite often, for work and pleasure. I take photos, I share them. I hope you find them interesting!

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